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April 26, 2010



I need to say: first example is brilliant and genius as (almost) always from Nike. Pure envy to such brilliant idea (even many already have done something in this direction).

But second... I saw it couple days ago. This time I don't get it. If there is nothing for real, why such theatre? It smells like viral video from land that sings. :) Except, of course, filming and editing is better. But I'm sure for 85% - Darlan would not approve it. And I would agree with him. :)

Zigurds Zakis

I discount second ad a little bit for quite a specific sense of jumor in Japan. It's there just for that - because it's unexpected for Nike, it's fun.

And, yes, it is very controversial particularly from brand condistency (what do we, Nike, stand for) perspective. Exactly why the first one - Nike Grid - is masterpiece (being unexpected and fun too)

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